” Since I was a kid I loved the water, on my ninth I discovered sailing, from my 15th I worked on sailing-schools in the summer holidays”.

 CCF30122012_00000  Picture 001

Wijk aan Zee 1971                          Bussloo 1977

Picture 001   Loosdrecht 81

Bussloo 1979                                              Loosdrecht 1981
“Through the sailing-schools I came on board of traditional sailing-vessels”.

     Liberté 1981  Antje Adelheid 1982-2

 Guest on the Liberté (1981), the Antje Adelheid (1982) and the Nijverheid (1983)CCF21122013_00000
“After my education as a social worker, at  21, I started working in the traditional sailcharter.”

albatros 1985  Lytse Hylke 1987

1985-1988: Deckhand on the Albatros, Stânfries, Hollandia, Dankbaarheid, Annechiena Willemiena, Lytse Hylke and Vriendschap
1989: Certificate “Skipper All Interior Waters” (“Groot Vaarbewijs”)

Onderneming 1989-2  Onderneming 1989-1

1989-1990 Waddenzee/IJsselmeer: Skipper on the Onderneming

Tijdgeest 1992-4  Tijdgeest 1992-3

1991: Certificate “Stuurman Kleine Zeilvaart” (First Mate limited area)
1991-1993: IJsselmeer and Waddenzee: Skipper on the Tijdgeest
1994: Baltic Sea: Skipper/captain on the Verandering
1995: Freelancer on interior and exterior waters
From 1995: skipper or captain on lots of different ships for longer or shorter terms

Vrouwen 2001-1  Dy Abt fan Starum 1995

1996: Certificate “Stuurman Grote Zeilvaart” (First Mate  Worldwide)
1996 Northsea/Norwegian Sea/Baltics: Apprentice Officer on the Europa

Europa 1996-3  Europa 1996-5

1997 Northsea/Norwegian Sea/Baltics: First mate on the Europa
               1996 up to now: Captain/Youthworker on the Tukker


The Tukker is an “experience-based”-project for youth with problems (www.zeilschipdetukker.nl)
1998: Atlantic Ocean: First mate on the Swan fan Makkum
 Lotos 2000-2      2000 South-England and 2001 South-Norway: Captain on the Lotos
Noorderlicht 2000-1  Noorderlicht 2000-2                      2000 Spitsbergen: First mate on the Noorderlicht
CCF30122012_00001  Astrid 2001    2001 Northsea: Captain on the Astrid
Nova Cura 2001  CCF15012013_00000                    2001: Waddenzee and IJsselmeer: Skipper on a.o. the Nova Cura , the Amore Vici
Sean Paquito 2001     Sean Paquito 2001-2                                                                       2001 Pacific : First mate on the Sean Paquito ll
Sir Robert 2002-2     Sir Robert 2002-12002 Atlantic Ocean: Captain on the Sir Robert Baden Powell
Ierland 2005-7  ierland 2005-6                          2005 Ireland: Captain on the Gallant
  Stad A'dam-Curacao 076                          2006 Caribbean Sea: First mate on the Stad Amsterdam
Kopenhagen 3
2009: Baltics: Captain on the Zuiderzee
B4-7-20     168
2011 Sweden: Captain on the Oban
2012 Greenland: First mate on the Tooluka
P1120571     P1090146                                                                                                                                                                                                               2013  Norwegian Sea/Baltics: Captain on the Safier
DSC_2623  1
2014 Kiel-Oslo: captain on the Zuiderzee,                                                                      IJsselmeer: skipper on the Vrijheid
652015  Scotland: captain on the Flying Dutchman                                        Waddensea: skipper on the StânfriesP1010413
2016:Captain on the Hendrika Bartelds in the Baltics and captain of the  Steady in Scotland

sam_0661  P1020907

IJsselmeer/Waddensea: skipper on the Verwisseling, the Stânfries, the Nieuwe Maen, the Antonius, the Lena Adriana, the Vriendentrouw, the Tromp, the Balder

P1030284  img_3878

 2017 Northsea-Baltics: captain on Neerlandia, Norwegian Sea: Captain on Safier, Scotland: captain on Steady


IJsselmeer and Waddensea: skipper on Res Nova, Verwisseling, Stânfries, Lena Adriana and Tromp


2018: Captain on the Safier along the coast of north Norway

   Skipper on the Dutch waters on the Stânfries, the Lena Adriana, the Gouwzee and the Vriendentrouw


2019: Captain on the Meander at the North Sea and at the Safier in north Norway and Scotland


Skipper on the Stânfries, the Balder, Dy Abt Fan Starum,the Lutgerdina

2020 (Corona-year): Skipper on the Stânfries and the Balder


2021: Skipper on the Stânfries, the Lena Adriana and the Jeppe van Schier