Since 1989 Ini Golbach is an independant skipper/captain on large sailingships.

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From 2009 on she organises sailtravels herself by chartering ships in areas she (or people who want to sail with her) would like to sail.

Ini: “I like to form a team, as well for the sailing as for the living on board. We cook, navigate and hoist the sails all together”. There is also plenty of time to relax and just “enjoy the moment”.

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The route is not fixed, but depending on wind, weather and what people want. We plan the route from day to day.

On longer trips I take less people on board than there are bunks, so we have more space and privacy.

Sailing experience is not required.

Do you have a (small) group of your own, where you want to sail with, you can contact Ini to find you a suitable ship and area.

All ships comply with the safety regulations of classification society Register Holland.